High Quality General Arrangement Drawings.

We can produce our own distinctive style high quality General Arrangement Drawings that can be used either by ourselves or by a 3rd party to create a 3d Strucad or Tekla model.

 These drawings with the necessary design connection calculations will be sufficient for the detailing team to produce the 3d model, this allows the detailers to concentrate on just modelling.

 During preparation of these general arrangement drawings we can liaise with all partners of the design team, i.e architects, engineers, main contractors, and other sub-contractors in order to progress the project.

  • Requests or information

We can raise RFI's [or TQ's] in a precise and timely manner to ensure that all replies and details can be traced, these can be raised on our clients intranet our own RFI sheets or the main contactors own intranet.

  • Innovative solutions

We propose innovative detail solutions where we think they suit the scope and budget of the project, but always prioritise your requirements. Our expert team have the experience to help you define project details.


  • Record of Drawing Issues

All issued drawings are recorded on either our own or client 'Drawing Issue Register' which is maintained throughout the project, detailing drawing name, number, revison, date of issue, drawing status and recipients.


  • Record of Incoming Drawings.

All incoming drawings received from architects and engineers etc are also recorded on our own 'incoming drawing register' detailing drawing name, number, revison, and date received.


  • Variations

We will identify and raise variations accordingly and ensure our clients are kept fully upto date with any possible variations to their contract which could have a financial impact.


  • Weekly reports.

We provided weekly detailed status reports to ensure to ensure our clients are kept aware of any potential programmeing issues, i.e lack of information, changes etc that may affect fabrication dates. 

  • Attending design Team Meeting.

If required we will attend design team meetings with or on behalf of our client.

  • Select to view some samples of our work.